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Mountain Top Engagement Session

The farther I get into this photography passion, the more that I realize how much I love photographing couples. Don't get me wrong, I still adore families and maternity and newborn and branding and all the things, but there's just something about couples. This engagement session with Annelise and Connor may have something to do with this realization. Everything about this morning lined up perfectly- a beautiful sunrise, somewhat warm temperatures for January in Colorado, the whole place to ourselves, and the most in-love couple!

If there's something I've learned about couples sessions over the past year, it's that the guy isn't usually quite as into it as the girl is, but that was absolutely not the case with these two! Connor could not have been more into every pose and prompt I gave them- he even took the liberty of throwing Annelise on his shoulder unprompted at one point :) His love for his future bride was so obvious and so dang cute that it was hard to even choose favorite photos from this session!

As I write this I'm just feeling so immensely blessed that Connor and Annelise chose me to photograph their wedding day. This job is truly a dream and I am so lucky to be working with all of my amazing couples in my very first wedding season.

We've still got a bit to go before these two's wedding day, but after this dream of an engagement shoot I couldn't be more excited: stay tuned as I'm sure they'll be a blog post coming from their beautiful day later this year!

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