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Life Lately

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Hey, it's me Abby here and the last blog post I did was monthssssss ago. I'm so excited to finally change that and figured what better place to start than with a little life update.

Up until February 1, 2022 I was working full time as a graphic designer and the way that Abby Rindels Photo was growing made it impossible to keep doing both jobs well. So, I put in my notice at my wonderful job and have been a full-time photographer for 8 days now! I knew that this switch would be good for me, but wow I did not expect to be as fulfilled as I am. I don't think that I've ever been happier in my whole life. I've had time to focus on this business, to be present in my relationships, to make dinner and actually hang out with my husband, to schedule spur of the moment photoshoots, and so much more (the photos below are from some studio mini sessions I did a few weeks back, and are clearly my new favorites as you see them all over my new website).

As good as life has been, it's not all sunshine and rainbows either. At the end of 2021, my husband and I lost our first baby due to a miscarriage. I don't know that my heart has ever been so broken or that I've ever felt so confused, anxious, and angry. All these feelings are a strange juxtaposition with how wildly happy I am in my career. I'm learning that intense grief and joy can be present at the same time, and maybe that's God's grace helping me get through each day. I switch from happy to sad to laughing to crying a few times a day (my poor husband trying to keep up with my emotions haha).

After a particularly hard day, I asked my husband to take some snowy photos with me because I wanted a new phone background (my previous background was from the day we found out we were pregnant). It also happened to be 2 degrees and snowing that day, but I forced my boys to brave the weather with me and I'm so happy I did. I'll add those below because they make me so happy. While we wait for our family to start, we are so happy in our lives right now with our pup Louie. Again- being wildly happy and incredibly heartbroken at the same time is so strange.

I've got a veryyyy packed 2022 coming up with 29 weddings and as many sessions as I can fit in between. I can't wait to be a part of so many special days and capture the most intimate parts of people's lives. Being trusted to capture these moments is a huge honor and that privilege is not lost on me.

I love this job. I love this life. I love every one of you.

The end.

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