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A Perfect Backyard Wedding

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Man, I feel for all these Covid couples... When we were planning our wedding in 2017 our biggest worries were finding a caterer and agreeing on colors for dresses and suits. Now couples are having to deal with scheduling and rescheduling and probably rescheduling again. That was the case for Dani and Grahm who rescheduled their initial wedding to be a destination wedding and then rescheduled it again to be a backyard wedding.

My favorite thing about this day was that nothing was going to ruin Dani and Grahm's wedding day for them. All that mattered was that they were getting married. Dani was completely unfazed by any change of plans. It was a true joy to get to be around their love all day!

We ended up ditching our original portrait location to go to a family's property about 20 minutes away (another change of plans that didn't bother this beautiful, laid-back bride even a little). This change of plans turned out to be the happiest surprise as we were met with some stunning views and perfect weather!

I may have gotten a bit fried at this point in the day (note to self- sunscreen for wedding days), but the weather was just TOO perfect for early April in Colorado so we took our time getting alllllll the pictures with the bridal party!

We made our way back to Dani and Grahm's house for the wedding to start and were met by some of their very closest family and friends! The ceremony was full of laughs and jokes and an overarching feel of the deep love these two had for each other. It was so special to look around and see only the most important people in their lives standing with them as they jumped into marriage together.

The ceremony was followed up with the cutest dinner the couple got for everyone in their garage- so small, so quaint, and filled with so much love for Dani and Grahm.

Then came my personal favorite part of the day where I snuck away with the bride and groom and did some insane sunset photos! Dani's sister and her husband came along and ended up paying 2 little kids $20 to use their electric scooters for some of our pictures- I think the kids were slightly terrified but it made for some seriously epic shots!

The night wrapped up with dancing in the living room- just the most beautiful scenes of everyone piled into their house so excited about their marriage! It was really a privilege to get to capture this beautiful day, I am so grateful!

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