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A Bright and Snowy Mountain Top Engagement Session in Golden, Colorado

Austin and Anna have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. At the end of our session I said, “Who would have thought that in high school you guys would eventually be getting married?” and Austing VERY quickly replied with, “me.” He’s loved her forever and she had the same realization last year. I love their love so much and they’re finally getting married this year!

One of the very best things about being a photographer in Colorado is the weather. Even in the middle of winter, you get the sunniest days. That was definietly the case for Austin and Anna’s engagement session.

We met up in Golden on the most beautiful winter day you could ever imaging and had so much fun together. The snow on the ground made the entire scene just glow with sunlight and it was truly the most perfect night. No wind, no cold weather, just beautiful glowing mountains.

This session truly had the best of all conditions- a wildly in love couple, the most perfect weather, sunlight hitting us just right… it was quite literally perfection!

These photos have quickly become some of my all time favorite photos, so I hope that you enjoy going through them as much as I do every single time I look at them.

Be sure to check back later for photos from their wedding day in May! You can find all information about my wedding collections here.

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