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All of my family, maternity, newborn, engagement, and anniversary sessions are classified as "Lifestyle" sessions. Each session is customized to fit exactly what you need from your photos in a less posed, more true-to-life style.


Your life is a series of small moments and my goal is to timelessly capture each of those moments for you to remember and cherish forever. Moments like your toddler squealing when you chase her, your newborn yawning and snuggling up to you, and your fiancé laughing at your random jokes.


I promise that you're whole session will feel like you're just hanging out with your favorite people. I just happen to be their capturing the magic. 

If my style sounds like a good fit for you, scroll down for pricing!


While each session is customized to fit your needs, the pricing remains the same.

Lifestyle Sessions    |      $600

This session includes 60 minutes of shooting time, me posing and prompting you the entire time. Feel free to bring an outfit change if you'd like. You'll receive a minimum of 50 final images, though if I'm being honest, I usually deliver more like 75-100 :)

Do we sound like a good fit? I'd love to chat over!


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