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So glad you're here!

I couldn't be happier that you're here! That's me up there with my husband Nathan who's been training the past few years to become a pilot (beautiful photo taken by Bultedaob Photo).


I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer living in Arvada, Colorado with my husband and our 110-pound bear of a dog, Louie (see me smothering him below). I'm a graphic designer turned full time wedding and lifestyle photographer. I feel like I'm in a dream every single day getting to do this. 

I love people and I love having the privilege of capturing the joy of people's everyday lives. I believe those everyday moments are what matter the most- the way your toddler snuggles into you after taking a spill, the way your new fiancé makes you laugh with one look, the way your spouse of twenty years still reaches to hold your hand.


These are the moments that make up your life and I want to help you freeze these moments into a piece of art that you'll cherish forever. Want to create some magic together? Reach out, I can't wait to meet you


Let's get this
party started!

a few of my favorite things

my life with Nathan and Louie, a good trip to the mountains, and  a good ol' champagne pop

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